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Welcome!!! Austin Robot Technology is a team of volunteers, highly experienced in hardware, software and mechanical systems. We are designing and building an autonomous vehicle to compete in the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. We believe in teamwork, and since "Day One" we have focused on assembling the right talent in order to build a successful robot! We are seeking additional team members, technical collaborators, and sponsors from the Austin technology and academic communities.

control_pid Control Theory: Do you know PID controllers and Kalman filters? Do you know rise time, overshoot, settling times, and steady state? Can you optimize a controller to obtain a desired response? Would you like to apply your knowledge to a real-world problem and help our 2 ton robot navigate autonomously through mountainous switchbacks? We want to hear from you!
distributed_system C/C++/Java Programmers: Do you know C, C++, Java? Do you know distributed architectures, networking protocols, thread safety, and object-oriented programming? Do you prefer writing hand-optimized super-fast microcode? Would you like to see your software control a robot autonomously over 150 miles of demanding desert terrain? Send us an email!
graphics_opengl Graphics Programmer: DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D! Yes, you know what we are talking about! Do you know graphics engines, OpenGL, and BSP trees? Our project is a real-time FPS, but without the P or the S! How would you like to take input from our sensors and display a 3-D world as it materializes in front of our vehicle as we travel 40 mph down the Mojave Desert?
project_manager Project Manager: Are you a project manager for an Austin high-tech firm? Do you know how to manage a software project? Do you know about Gantt charts, milestones and critical paths? We have some fixed and unyielding deadlines that are fast approaching! Do you want to help us build a successful robot? We are looking just for you!
reliability_engineer Reliability Engineer: Do you know what it takes to achieve a high quality product? Do you know Six Sigma methodology? Are you perhaps a Six Sigma Black Belt? We understand that a reliable product can only be attained through rigorous testing and verification. Do you want to help build a successful robot? We want you on our team!
Webmaster Webmaster: Do you like web development? Do you have an artistic touch? Do you know HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, GIF images, JPEG photographs, PNG images, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Opera?? We are looking for a team member to help us maintain our website!
technical_writer Technical Writer: Are you a technical writer for an Austin high-tech firm? Do you want to understand how our robot works inside-out? Do you have the ability to express a complex concept in a clear and easy to understand fashion? We believe in documentation and we are looking for technical writers who want to be a part of this exciting project!

Do you think the DARPA Grand Challenge is an interesting and exciting project? Did you follow the first Grand Challenge race last March? Did you wonder whether there was a team in Austin you could join? Do you want to work with a really cool team who is helping push the envelope of technology? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we want to hear from you!

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