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Become a Part of History - Become a Sponsor!

The DARPA Urban Challenge autonomous vehicle race is one of the world's most prestigious competitions, attracting the attention of media, the US military and other governments and investors around the globe.

As a semifinalist competing in the National Qualifying event on October 26-31, Austin Robot Technology offers sponsors a unique opportunity to become part of this high-profile event and gain visibility for their companies' technologies, products and services.

A Premier Media Opportunity

The first two Grand Challenges attracted hundreds of on-site media whose stories reached millions of readers, viewers and listeners. TV coverage topped 600 stories on networks and affiliates. In 2007, from January through June, more than 100 media in the US alone covered aspects of this event, including the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Military & Aerospace Electronics, Wired News, PC World, MSNBC, NPR Marketplace, EE Times, Financial Times, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, NOVA, Cnet News, Associated Press, UPI, Reuters and dozens of others. Currently, the Discovery Channel is creating a one-hour documentary on the event.

But media coverage is only one example of how your business can increase its visibility to the international marketplace. Other opportunities include:

  • Logo placement on the ART vehicle - including the windows!
  • Exhibiting at the Urban Challenge
  • Hosting events during the competition
  • Online promotions

Sponsor Benefits

  • Visibility with national and international media
  • Corporate and brand positioning as forward-thinking, innovative technology leaders
  • Unique environment for delivering key media messages
  • Affiliation with a prestigious research and development arm of the DoD
  • Contact with leaders in defense, technology, engineering, academia and industry
  • Access to the best and brightest from universities
  • Involvement with an inspiring, history-making initiative
  • Plus - ART's partnership with The University of Texas at Austin allows sponsors to make tax-deductible contributions directly to U.T. in support of this project.

Contact Us

For information on how you can become an Austin Robot Technology sponsor, email us at or call 512-796-9771.


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